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AMS homepage overview:
Your AMS homepage is the starting point for using AMS and your applications. Simply click on the link that represents the application you want to access and AMS will take you there.

Some of your application links are displayed with a padlock icon, which indicates that you can only access them with your HSPD-12 access card. Unless you logged into AMS with your card, you will be prompted to insert it and/or enter your PIN.

More about application links:
Getting to and logging into many of the applications used at HHS have become easier by making them accessible through AMS. When a link for a particular application is listed on your AMS homepage, you are an authorized user and only one click away from launching it.

While links for some applications are automatically provided, other applications require that you complete a one-time linking process. For more information and step-by-step instructions on how to customize the AMS homepage with the link/delink utility, visit the how-to page to view the "How to Link or Delink an Application With Your AMS Homepage" job aid.

Need to request an AMS role to access advanced administrative functions?
If you need to assign roles for applications or provide tier 1 or 2 helpdesk support, you are required to obtain advanced access permission by submitting a completed request form (NOTE: to view a PDF document, you must have Adobe Reader installed) and a signed copy of page 8 of the HHS rules of behavior.

  1. Click here to obtain the "Rules of Behavior for Use of HHS Information Resources".
  2. Click here to obtain the "Rules of Behavior for Privileged User Accounts Acknowledgement".
  3. Click on the appropriate link below to request the desired AMS functionality. NOTE: A separate role request form is required for each role you would like assigned to your digital identity.

    Desired AMS Functionality

    Request Form

    Application Role Assignment Services

    Form Link

    Request Approval Framework

    Form Link

    Search HHSID Role

    Form Link

    AMS Tier 1 or 2 Helpdesk Role

    Form Link

    AMS Tier 2 OpDiv Administration

    Form Link

    AMS Tier 2 Password Reset Function

    Form Link

    AMS Super Administrator

    Form Link

    AMS System Account/Software Certificate (Bot)

    Form Link

Need more information to complete or submit the AMS Role Request Form?
AMS Personnel Security Administrator Points of Contact (Updated: 2018-04-18)
AMS Authorizing Agent Points of Contact (Updated: 2019-01-16)

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