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How To Search For An AMS User

  1. Log into AMS at For quick and easy access to your applications, add this page to your browser favorites or create a desktop shortcut.

  2. On your AMS homepage, click on the "AMS User Search" link.

    AMS User Search link

  3. On the "AMS User Search" page, enter your search criteria and click "Search."

    Note: You may enter any combination of valid search terms in the available fields, including partial expressions(e.g., first three letters of last name, first letter of first name, partial HHSID).

    • Entries are not case sensitive
    • Entering more information limits the number of matching records returned by your search (e.g., complete first and last name)
    • Entering less information returns broader results (e.g., last name only)
    • Entering a complete HHSID will return a single matching record
    • Entering a complete AMS username will return a single matching record

    AMS User Search - Find User

  4. To proceed, click "Agree" on the "Data Protection Policy Statement" pop-up notice.

    Data Protection Policy Statement: This search is intended for authorized administrators who need to look up and review an AMS user's profile data, including the user's HHSID and application access. Note that the results will include information on HHS employees, contractors, and affiliates, as collected by their respective badging offices and on-boarding systems.  
          By clicking the Agree button, you are accepting the responsibility
to protect the privacy of the user data presented in the search results. If you agree and would like to process with the
search, click Agree button.

  5. All matching records will be returned under the "Search Result" heading.

    AMS User Search - Search Results

  6. To view the user profile details, select the HHSID/XID for the desired user.

    Note: A user’s profile details will vary depending on whether you search for an internal (HHS) user versus an external (non-HHS) user. The examples below show the user profile details for an internal user and an external user:

    AMS User Search - Internal User Profile Example

    AMS User Search - External User Profile Example