U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

How to Revoke an External User Invitation

An external user is someone who is not a member of HHS staff and has a business need for access to one or more HHS applications protected by AMS. The external user(s) must have an active HSPD-12 access card issued by another federal agency. A Sponsor may Revoke pending invitation(s).

  1. Log into AMS at using your HHS HSPD-12 access card. For quick and easy access to your applications, add this page to your browser favorites or create a desktop shortcut. AMS login page with the "Login" button of the HSPD-12 Access Cards section highlighted.

  2. Select the "External User Management" tab, enter any combination of search criteria under the "Revoke Invitations" tab, and click "Search" to look up the invitation. Revoke External User Invitation screen with "External User Management" tab,
"Revoke Invitations" tab, and Search form fields highlighted
  3. On the "Data Protection Policy Statement" click "Agree" to confirm you are accepting responsibility to protect the privacy of user data. Data Protection Policy Statement: By clicking the Agree button, you are accepting the responsibility
to protect the privacy of the user data presented in the search results. If you agree and would like to process with the
search, click Agree button.
  4. Review search results. Revoke external user invitation search results
  5. To revoke a single user invitation, select the appropriate record and click "Revoke Invitation" for the invitation you wish to revoke. Revoke External User Invitation screen with a single row selected.
The selected row is highlighted along with the Revoke Invitation button

    For bulk revoke, select the appropriate invitations by pressing either CTRL+ click or SHIFT + click and click the "Revoke Invitation" (Note: Maximum selection of 100 pending invitations will be permitted).

    Revoke External User Invitation screen with several rows selected.
The selected rows are highlighted along with the Revoke Invitation button
  6. On the "Revoke External User" pop-up, click "Submit" to revoke the invitation(s) you selected. Revoke External User: Are you sure
you would like to revoke the selected invitation(s)?
  7. To complete the process and return to the "Revoke Invitations" page, click "Continue" on the next "Revoke External User" confirmation pop-up notice. An email notification is sent to the Sponsor as well as the Approver upon a successful submission of this request. Revoke External User: Invitation(s) revoked. A confirmation email will be sent to you.