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How To Log Into AMS With An HSPD-12 Access Card

Note: AMS accepts the use of some externally-issued (non-HHS) PIV and Department of Defense (DOD)-issued CAC cards to log into the site, however, those must be registered with AMS prior to first use. Additionally, internal HHS users with an HHS-issued HSPD-12 PIV card may bind one externally-issued PIV or DOD-issued CAC card to their AMS account and have the option of using either one upon login.

  1. Logging into AMS with an HHS-issued HSPD-12 Access Card

    1. Insert your HSPD-12 access card into your computer's card reader and, on the AMS login page (, click the "Login" button on the "HSPD-12 Access Card" tab. For quick and easy access to your applications, add this page to your browser favorites or create a desktop shortcut.

      HSPD-12 Access Cards login

    2. Select your certificate from the "Select a Certificate" pop-up window and click "OK."

      Note: If you are having trouble identifying the correct certificate from the list presented to you in the pop-up window, please contact your local IT helpdesk.

      Windows Security - Select a Certificate

    3. To complete the login process, enter your PIN in the "Microsoft Smart Card Provider" pop-up window and click "OK."

      Microsoft Smart Card Provider pin prompt

    4. You are now logged into AMS and can access your applications from your AMS homepage by clicking on their respective links.

      AMS homepage

  2. Logging into AMS with a non-HHS PIV or DOD-issued CAC Card

    1. For users using an externally-issued non-HHS PIV card or DOD-issued CAC card, proceed as described in steps 1 and 2 under "I. Logging into AMS with an HHS-issued HSPD-12 Access Card" to reach the "First-time only: Link your HSPD-12 access card to your AMS Profile" page. To begin the one-time registration process, enter your information in the required fields under the "Find your profile" heading (i.e., your last name, your date of birth as MM/DD/YYYY, and the last four digits of your social security number) and click on the "Next" button.

      Note: For Non-HHS users using a DoD-issued CAC card, you must first select the one of the following certificates: either the PIV auth certificate (contains a FASC-N) or the DoD ID certificate (does not contain a FASC-N). Once the certificate is selected, the "First-time only: Link your HSPD-12 access card" page will be displayed. Follow the steps noted in Step 1 above to begin the linking process.

      Find your profile

    2. Review the profile information presented back to you under the "Link your HSPD-12 access card to your AMS profile" heading. If everything is correct, mark the checkbox and click "Submit."

      Confirm found profile

    3. To complete the process and return to the AMS login page, click "Continue" in the confirmation pop-up notice. You can now use your externally-issued PIV card or DOD-issued CAC card to log into AMS as described under "I. Logging into AMS with an HHS-issued HSPD-12 Access Card," steps 1 through 4.

      Note: Once the one-time externally issued PIV card or DOD-issued CAC card linking is completed, you must ensure that you select the SAME certificate to authenticate in AMS. For HHS users who already have an HHS-issued HSPD-12 card linked to their AMS account, you may use either card to login to AMS after completing this one-time linking.

      Account linking success confirmation