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How to Access an Application using One-Time Password (OTP) in AMS

When logged into AMS with your AMS credentials or NIH credentials, you have the ability to step-up to a more secure method using a One-Time Password (OTP) sent via a text message. Applications allowing a One-Time Password will have an "OTP" icon to the right of the application link.

Note:In order for you to use OTP to access an application, you must register your Mobile device on AMS desktop site first. Please refer to the "How to Register your Mobile device for One-Time Password (OTP)" job aid for further details.

  1. From your homepage, you can access any application with "OTP" icon using this authentication method.

    Note: Applications with lock icons are PIV exclusive and requires HSPD-12 access card authentication only.

    Application with OTP icon

  2. After selecting the desired application link with "OTP" icon, you will be redirected to AMS-9001 error page. Request an OTP by selecting the "One-Time Password" link.

    AMS-9001 Authentication Error

  3. The AMS system will display an OTP prompt while simultaneously sending you your OTP via a text message to your registered mobile device.

    One-Time Password prompt

  4. Enter the OTP received on your mobile device into the text field and click the "Submit" button. If correctly entered, you will be redirected to your application homepage.